Car Polish for your Vehicle

A wet-glass finish that actually improves your vehicle’s paint as well as rejuvenating its appearance?

Pete at Denver Car Detailing has developed a product that delivers just this. Whether you have bought a new car and want to keep it looking that way or would like to give your older car a new lease on life, this service is for you. Pete specializes in bringing the appearance of your car to its very best. He doesn’t cut back or do a “cheap job” on your car. Instead, he gives a wet gloss look finish that lasts and lasts in the Top End’s extreme conditions. 

“Being local, living in Denver CO all my life, I know what’s good for cars up here,” he said. Additionally, he said, “Cutting back weakens the life of the paint and creates swirl marks on your paintwork, in doing that you try to fix one problem but create another one. Normal car polish just dissolves in Colorado. At Denver Auto Detailing, I rejuvenate paint without cutting back. I can polish your vehicle, and develop the showroom look. Our new product, as-new finish, repairs and strengthens your paint job.”

The products of Car Detailing Denver are particularly good with new paint colors, the popular modern maroons, and blacks. The finish gives a swirl-free finish and helps match one newly-painted panel with the rest of the vehicle. He says, “the finish brings the paint’s true color right out. After giving out free samples, more auto body shops in Denver have been contacting me about the product. They’ve never seen this high-quality finish, and they want to work with me!”

At, they can repair faded, tired, or damaged paint. After paint restoration, some customers who were planning to sell their car have even changed their minds after treatment. The Colorado-based business stands by the product, and the professional detailing. After detailing automobiles as a hobby, Pete began detailing cars professionally in 2018. He loves the challenge of bringing out the beauty in the paintwork. 

While treatment from Denver Car Detailing will maximize the resale price of the vehicle, Pete recommends a 12-month maintenance program. He says, “Servicing your paint is as important as servicing your engine. The first thing people look at when they come to buy your car is the condition of your paint.” Although they are based in Denver, they offer a mobile detailing service. In 2021, Pete will be in business for over three years, and he will be celebrating with a massive discount on his usual services. Thanks, Pete! We appreciate the post on ELGH!